Metal crusher

Metal crusher application:
Aluminium can, metal pail, metal can, and drink can.This machine can make the can become spheroidso that the transportation expenses can be greatly reduced.
The Aluminium Can Crusher is made by TongLi Machinery, which is the specialized machine to smash the aluminium cans. This machine has been used in some company which recyle the hardware successfully, and win the consensus praise of clients from home and abroad.

Introduction and working principle of metal crusher:
The metal Crusher is the latest type crusher which is produced according to the requirements of the market by YuHui Mining machinery, who organizes the power and combine the specific practical application of the clients from home and abroad. The core of metal crusher make use of the hammer strike principle, driven by high speed torque motor, the hammer head of the host rotor smash the material in turn, broke the material into expected specifications through the clearance between the scaleboard and the hammer. It can be divided into dry systerms, wet systerms and half-wet systerms according to its working conditions.

Main technical parameter:




Production capacity (t/h)



Motor power (kw)



Sort of crushing

Pop can

Paint bucket

Max working diameter of rotor (mm)



Discharging opening size (mm)



Note: The technical parameters above are just for your reference. If there is any change, all parameters and overall dimension are subject to operating instructions. Any questions please feel free to contact us.

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