The technical requirements of rotary kiln

          A rotary kiln includes a cylindrical casing disrupted along its length by annular members that happen to be welded directly into and represent section of the casing and that are furnished with outwardly projecting, profiled webs used for attachment towards the mounting structure of cooler tubes that happen to be organized in planetary approach regarding the casing.      

          The specialized needs of rotary kiln pinion installment:     

           Pinion installation design needs should enable the expansion of a big level of gear. And discover its pitch in order to meet what's needed.      

          Adjusting the resolution of how big the apparatus tooth tip clearance. It could be 0. 28M or o. 25M + (2 ~ 3) mm total take (M for your gear module.)      

          Meshing well, the direction in the contact surface inside tooth really should not be under 50%. Inside the tooth width direction of no less than 65%;      

          Link the pinion shaft and speed reducer shaft together. Reducer motor coaxial using the main error is just not more than 0.2mm.      

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