New type of jaw crusher supplied by Yuhui

          Yuhui in Chinese suppliers has launched the Camon C3 Micro Crusher made to recycle waste building materials and built especially for the apparatus rental sector.

          The jaw crusher includes a jaw pressure of 18 t, meaning that it will eventually crush stone, granite, marble, paving slabs, kerbstones, bricks, tiles and concrete.

          The jaws are adjustable to ensure the machine can output three different grades of finished product allowing contractors to choose the mandatory size. The intake dimension is 37cm by 40 cm.

          Yuhui said the system offers an output as high as 2 t per hour .One feature with the crusher can be a folding hopper, that makes the Crusher simpler to transport. The feeding hopper stands at 1.7 m height to make certain than limbs are kept from the working machinery.

          The crusher are generally loaded personally or by the mini excavator, which is accessible in three versions: the Skid Steer model is 0.66 m wide; a trailer mounted version is attached with a high-speed road legal trailer detailed with hydraulic system; then there is a trailer mounted version by using a power pack and without integrated hydraulics, in which the user supplies their particular hydraulic power pack .

          Yuhui marketing and advertising manager , explained : "The Camon Crusher includes a simple unique design which is built around good quality hydraulics. The effect can be an cost-effective , efficient, effective micro crusher that recycles waste building materials thus saving contractors cash on skip hire, landfill charges and haulage fees."

          Yuhui is a popular crusher supplier in China which was founded in 1970. We mainly provide jaw crusher, impact crusher, ball mill, sand makng machine, etc. If you have any demand , please for free to let us know at any time.

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